10 Best Websites for Online Learning

best websites for online learning, E Learning websites
E Learning websites

if you are looking for E learning websites or Best Websites for Online Learning then you have landed at right place.

Gone are the days when you had to go to the school, or any educational institute to learn a new skill.

In this modern era, you can get everything on your computer.

No matter what your age is and what you do, if have will to learn something new,

then there are plenty of websites available where you can learn so many things according to your need.

All you need is a computer and internet connection. so here is the list of best educational websites to learn new skill online

List of best websites for online learning

1. Udemy| (E learning websites)

E Learning websites
E Learning websites

At number one spot best websites for online learning is udemy.

This website offers more than 55000 courses in categories like

It and software, business, photography, design, health and fitness and much more with affordable fee structure.

Udemy supplies a great deal of excellent content.

The professors and lessons at Udemy may vary widely.

However, you will locate a course that’s sufficient for you.

When you do find a class which you’d love to shoot, a trusted teacher frequently teaches them, and they’re simple to follow.

It can take the time to find precisely the course you’re seeking.


2. Coursera| (E learning websites)

Best Websites for Online Learning, E Learning Websites
best websites for online learning

At number 2 spot of best websites for online learning we have coursera.

In case if you are looking to learn something from best colleges, then this website going to help you out.

They have partnered with University of Michigan, Standford University and many others colleges and universities across 29 countries to provide the best education for all.

There are paid and unpaid courses in many categories like a computer, business, data science and many more.

3.Open culture| (E learning websites)

Best Websites for Online Learning, E Learning Websites
e learning websites

At number three spot of Best Websites for Online Learning we have open culture

This website offers 1300 free online courses from top universities like Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Berkeley, Oxford and more.

Over 45000 minutes of audio and video lectures are there which you can download.

there are some courses which are also giving the certificate as well.

4. EDX| (E Learning websites)

educational websites

At number four of Best Websites for Online Learning we have EDX

This website is offering free courses from universities around the globe.

there are many categories like computer science, data & statistics, business & management and many more.

Classes are free, but if you want to get the certificate of the course you have completed, then you can get it by paying some amount for the certificate.


5. Alison| (E Learning websites)

online educational websites, E learning websites

At number five of Best Websites for Online Learning, E Learning Websites we have Alison

All courses at alison.com are free, but there is one condition you have to score 80% or more in each course assessments.

After successful completion of the course if you want a certificate or diploma from Alison than you have to pay for that.

There are many categories to choose from like It, science, language, marketing, lifestyle, etc.

6. ACADEMIC EARTH| (E Learning Websites)

e learning websites, online skill learning websites

The site gives vast selection of educational choices to the student from traditional to contemporary studies.

They provide online degree classes from economics and accounting to technology and carries material on niche topics like behavioral psychology.

It has a collaboration with the University of Oxford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University and several other.

The portal site has podcasts and videos on all the subjects.

7. Skillshare| (E Learning Websites)

Best Websites for Online Learning, E Learning Websites

SkillShare is an online teaching-learning tool that’s created by professionals for people that are desperate to learn. The majority of the classes on this particular platform concentrate over interactive sessions instead of simple lectures.

Consequently, these professionals try to fit the primary aim of learning for every project.

The mission of the online training platform is to bridge the gap between professional abilities and learners.

It gives high-quality learning facility to people who are sitting in any part of the world.

8. Lynda| (E Learning Websites)

 e learning websites

At number eight spot of Best Websites for Online Learning or E Learning Websites we have Lynda

Lynda.com is one of the top sources for online learning.

this website has set educational and evident video-based training facing individuals who want it.

As a part of LinkedIn, it’s added learning avenues to help professionals gain new skills.

The videos allow you to work at your own pace, and the website is designed to assist you to keep track of what you would like to know and what you’ve already heard.

The site is excellent at teaching technical skills and technique, for example, photography and coding.

Beyond multimedia training, Lynda.com also helps individuals pick up business fundamentals, money-management advice, and even more.

9. Degreed| (E Learning Websites)

educational websites, e learning websites

At number nine spot of Best Websites for Online Learning we have degreed

Degreed is a training option that optimizes employee productivity via monitoring all learning tasks from diverse suppliers on a single system.

Ideally suited for organizations with 250+ employees.

With personalized learning formats, Degreed empowers workers using the initiative to take control of their career development and organizations with the tools to keep employees and improve job satisfaction.

10. Memrise| (E Learning Websites)

e learning website list

At number ten of Best Websites for Online Learning we have Memrise

This internet and the mobile app goes a very long way toward assisting you to incorporate characters, language, and phrases.

It’s not just for learning languages, either.

Additionally, it is excellent for assisting mathematics, science, economics, etc..

As with the majority of study programs, you may make your course material, or utilize content generated and shared with other users of the app.

Memrise incorporates quizzes and questions, so it is not just another flash card program.

The free tier of support is much more than adequate, and it’s hard to boot.


So these are Best Websites for Online Learning or you can call them E Learning Websites for online education . Hope you will find here the skill you are looking for.

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