5 Most useful android apps

We utilize cell phones for a lot of things. We utilize it for amusements, music, recordings and to remain associated with our loved ones via web-based networking media applications. We likewise utilize it as a camera to click pictures and to record videos. You can state that cell phones have changed our lives and there are a lot of applications which have made our life simpler. So today I will disclose 5 most useful android apps.

1  Camscanner

An app that enables you to scan documents on the go. You can convert your scan documents to pdf. Its good if you want to send your documents for official purpose or even if you are a student and need to scan your documents, its very easy to use this app. you can edit, crop or share your pdf file. It has 50 million downloads.




2  Timbre

This application enables you to cut, join and change sound and video document. You can part any sound or video into two sections. Speed changer can accelerate your sound or you can make moderate movement video. You can likewise change over recordings into the gif.







3  Spy camera sc-0S3

As the name described, this spy camera can captures pictures and record videos secretly. You can record videos even when your phone is locked. Nobody would be able to see that you are recording anything. If you are in a sting operation and want to record everything around you without letting them know then this app is for you.







With files go you can manage storage on your phone. You can free up space on your phone. It helps you to find files and organize them faster and you can even share your files just like you do with shareit. You can see how much space you have and its keen proposal encourages you out to delete documents before you come up short on space.




5.  1 mg

This application gives you a chance to arrange medications on the web, book lab test and inquiry the closest specialist. It gives you some rebate when you book a lab test and. Numerous organizations offer a similar medication with various names. So on the off chance that you need to discover the substitute of your present medicine, you should simply type the name of the medicine and it will demonstrate to you its substitue.

so these were the 5 most useful android apps


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