6 Things you should know about Sex

Sex is a pleasure. We enjoy it. I mean most of us enjoy it. It creates a bond with your partner.

Do you know there are many good things about the sex rather than pleasure?

Yes, it is good for our health as well.

However, as we know, everything is good when we practice it correctly because the excess of everything is terrible.

So today I am going to cover all part of sex here in this article.

1. Benefits of sex
2. Side effects of too much sex

3. Precautions

4. Masturbation
5. Should we masturbate
6. Side effect of masturbating

1.Benefits of sex

benefit of sex
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. Immproves immunity

People who make love frequently (once or twice a week) have fewer sick days. Some studies on sex have shown that it boosts your immune system.

If you have good immunity then a harmful virus, germs and bacteria will not be able to harm your body or make you sick.

. Boost your libido

Believe it or not, the antidote for libido is to get intercourse! By having sex, appetite is boosted.

It promotes blood flow into the vagina, vaginal lubrication, and elasticity of the cells, all which make for heightened libido and greater, more pleasing intercorse.

.Lowers blood pressure

Many people are suffering from blood pressure. Studies have shown that sex can help you in lowering the blood pressure. thats good news for many out there but don’t try to replace it with your drug but it may be a useful addition.

. Burns your calorie

Every physical activity burns calories. Sex also burns off calories because having sex increase your heart rate and use various muscles of your body. it burns 4 times more calories than watching tv.

. Improves heart attack

Good sex life is equal to good heart health. it keeps the hormone-like estrogen and testosterone under control.

When these hormones are out of control, then you may develop many health problems like heart disease and osteoporosis.

some studies have shown that men who have sex once or twice a week have 50% fewer chances to die of heart diseases

. Reduce pain

Stimulation and orgasm both the activities can lessen the pain. Orgasm release the hormone that blocks the signal of pain. In some cases, women have reported that self-stimulation helped them reducing the feeling of sadness.

. Reduce the risk of prostate cancer

There are health benefits of it. one study demonstrated that those who had regular ejaculations (described as 21 times each month or longer) were not as likely to develop prostate cancer compared to people that had fewer ejaculations.

Whether the ejaculations happened through sex, orgasm, or emissions, it did not make any difference.

. Improves sleep

It can help you sleep. That is because climax simulates the release of a hormone called prolactin.

Prolactin promotes feelings of comfort and sleepiness. This is one reason you will observe you have got an easier time.

. Relives stress

It Activates your body to Discharge its natural Compounds,

Helping improve self-esteem, serene and enjoyment and to relieve strain.

Research demonstrates that people who have sexual responded Better such as talking in public when subjected.

Now let’s talk about some side effects

2. side effects of sex

previous studies has shown some tremendous benefits of having sex. As we know excess of everything is bad, so it applies to sex too. here are the side effects

. Pain in genital

Men might feel pain on their organ after intercourse girls tend to feel a little sore on their part due to the brushing of their vaginal walls from the penis during penetration.

Consequently, these could lead to pains in the genitals muscles and nerves that are infected.

. Dehydration

it was found that because sex is a strenuous exercise, of which one round of sexual activity was equated workout session,

having intercourse repeatedly without sufficient hydration could result in fatigue and dehydration.

. It could exhaust you

it is known as a form of exercise and it could be very tiring for men.

During sex, the body of a men releases many hormones of the body which raise the heartbeat and activate the release of glucose in the blood vessels.

These tasks are tiring, particularly when you do it frequently.so making love many times a day leaves you tired and exhausted.

. Heart problem

it is good for the heart because it keeps increasing blood flow, but still, it is not good for the people who have heart problems.

People who have heart problems should avoid frequent sex as the problem could get mild or severe.

. Sperm quality

if you are having too much sex which can also lead to prolonged ejaculation due to the depletion of the semen levels.

3. Precautions

sex precautions
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if you have sex with multiple partners, then there are high chances of you to get (STD)
STD refers to sexually transmitted diseases.

To avoid STDs avoid having sex with someone who is suffering from STD. sex is safe only in one condition when you and your partner is doing it with each other only.

so here are some precautions you can take

. use condoms (condoms are not 100% effective in avoiding pregnancy and STD but still very useful if you use it correctly)

. wash your genitals before and after sex.

. Have sex with your partner only is another way to limit exposure STDs. Get tested and ask your partner as well to get tested.

. avoid the use of alcohol and drugs before intercourse because under the influence of alcohol or drug people avoid using any precautions.


source: https://pixabay.com

Most people do masturbate. It is a safe way to explore your body and feel pleasure.

By a nationally representative US sample, 94% of men admit to masturbating, as do 85% of women .masturbation helps you to find out what turns you on.

Masturbating has many benefits. from reducing stress to prevent cancer and give you better sleep.

Here are the benefits of masturbation

. It releases sexual tension
. It reduces stress
. It boosts your mood
. It feels pleasures
. Lowers the risk of prostate cancer
. Gives you better sleep

 Side effect of masturbating.

  • .Too much masturbating can lower sperm count in men
    . pain in lower back.
    . decreases sexual sensitivity.

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